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Customer Testimonials
   I had never heard of fractal art before I stumbled on your site.  I loved the whimsy of the images, so I bought a couple unframed, and they're better in person. The glimmer of the metal paper makes them spectacular!!   08/14/14   Denise S.  Boise, Id.   
   We love fractals, and we found yours while surfing for fractal art sites.  We ordered "Calamari" in 24 x 28" framed, and it is unbelievable !! We couldn't have picked a better contemporary piece to fill the area that we were trying to fill !!  10/29/14  Jesse W.  Cambridge, Ma.
   I bought Teal Foliage for my partner after she found it online, and she loves it.  We have an old farm house, and it helps us give our living space some color. Thanks!!  01/14/15   Sharon L.  Sharon, Vt.
Your fractal art is wonderful. . . . And it is "breath takingly sensual !!" I bought 2 prints, and they came in less than 2 wks., as promised.   02/28/15  Michael P.  Pittsburgh, Pa.
   My husband bought "Surreal" for me for my birthday, and it's beautiful. As a therapist, it brings me to a place of relaxation, that I really enjoy!!    04/17/15    Dr. Christine P.  Portsmouth, N.H.
​   I saw Black Mamba, and was stunned by it's dark, brooding beauty. . . . So I bought it. I get frequent compliments  on it.   07/30/15   Whit L.   Syracuse, N.Y.

   My kids got "Voodoo" for me, as they said they thought I knew Black Magic!!  I love it, the framing and matting is really well done, and I wanted to thank you!!    08/02/15   Marcia H.   Boise, Id
   Thanks Fractal Art Gall.  We bought 2 framed pcs. from you, and we love them My husband knew fractal art, but I didn't.  I sure do now!!    11/07/15    Lisa G.   Bellingham, Wa.
   I bought " . . . In A Blue Moon" for my parents, who are retired, not knowing if they would appreciate it, and they loved it. . . . Phewwwww!!   12/29/15    Wendy G.    Miami, Fl.
   We used Fractal Art Galleries to supply art work for our inn, and everything worked out well.  The commercial pricing was a huge consideration.    02/16/16    Regina W.    Albany, N.Y.
   We bought 2 unframed  11 x 14 prints, and they arrived to us in about 2 wks. as promised, and the metallic paper is beautiful. Thanks!!   04/30/16    Claire M.    Wilmington, Del.
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